Simplify your insurance with Assets: the new way to organise your insurance around your life

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Managing your insurance is a necessary but, for the most part, soul-crushingly tedious part of modern life. If you're like most people, you forget what all of the payments leaving your bank account are for, you've spent the hours phoning around insurance companies asking "hello... do you insure me...?" and have experienced a horrifying moment of panic and realisation where you've said to yourself "**** - am I insured for this...?".

Imagine this: never having to worry again about whether your bicycle is insured under your contents policy, not having to shop around when your car insurance is up for renewal & no more trying to figure out if you've already got travel insurance to cover your upcoming winter ski trip.

Well, we can't promise you this overnight... but with Brolly's launch of Assets we're giving you as much control as possible over understanding how all the various aspects of your life are protected. Whilst we can't guarantee it'll make your insurance management an enjoyable experience, it should help make it a less painful one.

We have big plans for Assets coming up, but here are some ways you can use it right away to get on top of life, straight from your smartphone!

Create your digital life

Life is dynamic, always changing and when something changes - let's face it, insurance is not exactly top of the to-do list. Most of us are simply not organised enough to have a digital inventory of our lives, which makes it harder to keep track of where you are on your insurance.

It's an amazing feeling when you're on top of everything though, which is why we created Assets, to supercharge your productivity. Assets provides you with a super easy way to create an inventory of the different areas of your life. You can add Assets, such as your home, whether you rent or own your place, the car your drive, your pet dog, even the more valuable items you splashed out on - such as your Apple Watch or beloved designer handbag.

Keeping track of your things makes it easy to refer back to, and we'll check in with you every now and then to see if anything has changed.

Get visibility over how insured you are

This is where the fun begins (well - we're super excited about this!)...  you can connect your insurance policies to any of your Assets, giving you an easy way to check up on whether your stuff is insured.

So, you can connect your home to your Contents, Buildings and Boiler cover - and we'll notified you when your policies are up for renewal or if there are ways to optimise your cover. If you've connected your email inbox to Brolly, then our automation will do this for you. You'll be able to see your insurance history for the past too, so you have oversight of how much your spending has changed over time.

Coming soon

You've already told us that you want to be able to share your Assets with friends and family, and that you want the email scanner to create Assets automatically for you, so we have this coming up next! We want to hear your feedback, ideas & suggestions, so please tell us how we can make Assets even better for you, and we'll do our best to add it in! 💜

📱Download the iOS app here. Signup for Android here.

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Brolly is an insurance app providing a fresh and personalised experience for the digital generation. We’re addressing the problems with the traditional approach to insurance; overpaying for cover you don’t need, extensive forms requesting details you don’t know, and lengthy policy documentation you don’t quite understand. Brolly’s customers can connect their inboxes and allow our AI to do all the hard work for them. We’ll locate your current insurance documents, compare these with your assets and lifestyle, then provide you with recommendations and more tailored cover which is personal to you. This is all managed straight from your smartphone, so yes, you can finally clear out that filing cabinet. Founded by Phoebe Hugh, Brolly launched its initial product on iOS in November 2017, and has raised $2 million in funding from renowned investors such as Valar Ventures, Pi Labs, and Entrepreneur First. We’re changing the way that insurance works, so that it works for you.